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Western blot apparatus NEW

Auto Western (TM) Mini

Auto Western (TM) Multi

An apparatus for automatic processing of membrane from blocking to 2nd antibody reactions. Two types machines are available, single type (Mini) and 4 channel type (Multi)

General useUniversal use

Protein staining CBB solution NEWCBB rapid stainQuick and sensitive gel staining solution with CBB. Requires minimum 50 min or detectable at a few ng level.

antibody titer evaluation

Easy ELISA Constructor (ab)

Easy ELISA Constructor Multi (ab)

Kits to construct antibody detecting ELISA kit and to evaluate antibody titer. Based on the original MAD technology, one can easily and quickly construct ELISA and evaluate antibody or antiserum within 90 min.

antigen/antibody reaction enhancer

Signal Booster

A unique antigen-antibody reaction enhancer, just change antibody dilution buffer to these products, you can get higher signal with reduced background in Western blot and ELISA. SB is consisted of two liquids and gives you stable enhancing effect. SBN contains no proteins and is one liquid format. SB is now widely used for diangostic kit

Signal Booster Neo
Immuno-stainingImmuno-stainingantigen/antibody reaction enhancerSignal Booster Immunostain

For immuno-staining, just change antibody dilution buffer to this product, you can get higher signal with reduced background.

Western blotウェスタンブロット

Blocking solutions for Western blot


Blocking solutions for western blot. Four type of blocking solutions with different main blocking reagent are available.

Blocking Solution Trial Set (Western)

Highly sensitive, or rapid Western kits

Easy-WESTERN Multi

Western blot kit composed of primary antibody-detecting probe. Without using 2nd antibody, highly sensitive or rapid (1hr) detection possible. Much higher sensitivity by the combined use with 2nd antibody and simple re-probing are also possible.



2nd antibody-reactive western marker

Western Marker Neo

Markers detected by 2nd antibodies. Colored proteins are mixed to verify transfer efficiency. Chose from 3 different molecular range.

Colored protein marker

Blue Protein Marker

Blue-stained protein marker. Molecular range from 16 to 108 kDa.

Staining of transferred membrane

Ponceau-S solution

Ready-to-use staining solution for protein-transferred membrane. Easy to remove color and do not affect antibody reaction. 


Peptide immobilizer for microplate 

Peptides immobilizing kit

A kit for immobilize peptides on ordinary microplate. Peptides can be immobilized at higher efficiency.

Blocking solutions for ELISA


Blocking solutions for ELISA. Four type of blocking solutions with different main blocking reagent are available. All blocking solutions are designed for long-term storage after drying. 

Blocking Solution Trial Set (ELISA)

TMB substrate solutions

TMB solution (1 reagent type)

TMB substrate solution for HR. One reagent and two reagent type are available. Both products generate signal equal to widely used substrate solutions. 

TMB solution (2 reagents type)
Hepatitis B Virus relatedHBV-relatedHBV-related

HBsAg ELISA kits

HB S-Antigen Quantitative ELISA Kit, Raipd-II

ELISA kits to determine HBs-S, HBs Pre-S1 and HBs Pre-S2. All kits contain standard antigen for quantification. Kits for Pre-S1 and Pre-S2 are only one product in the world.

HB Pre-S1 Antigen Quantitative ELISA Kit, Rapid
HB Pre-S2 Antigen Quantitative ELISA Kit, Rapid

Anti-HBsAg ELISA kits

anti-HB S-ELISA Kit

ELISA kits to determine anti-HBs-S, anti-Pre-S1 and anti-Pre-S2 antibodies. All kits contain standard antibody for quantification. Genotype-oriented kits are available for anti-Pre-S1 and anti-Pre-S2 kits.

anti-HB Pre-S1 ELISA Kit
anti-HB Pre-S2 ELISA Kit

HBsAg antigens

HBsAg, L-protein (Recombinant)

HBsAg-related recombinant antigens. Full-length type(L-protein), full length S region-mutant type(L-protein ST), high S antigen type(XT)、Pre-S1 and Pre-S2 peptides and others are available.

HBsAg, L-protein ST type (Recombinant)
HBsAg, M type (Recombinant)
HBsAg, XT type (Recombinant)
HBsAg, S type (Recombinant)
HBsAg Pre-S1 peptide
HBsAg Tag-Pre-S1 peptide
HBsAg Pre-S2 peptide
HBsAg Tag-Pre-S2 peptide

HBV other antigens


full length HBcAg.

Anti-HBsAg antibodies

Anti Pre-S1 antibody (monoclonal)

Antibodies against HBsAg-related antigens. All antibodies can be used for ELISA and Western blot.

Anti Pre-S1 antibody (polyclonal)
Anti-Pre-S2 antibody (monoclonal)
Anti-Pre-S2 antibody (polyclonal)
Anti-S antibody (monoclonal)
Anti-S antibody (polyclonal)

HBV other antibodies

Anti HBcAg antibody

Antibody against HBcAg. Can be used for ELISA and Western blot.

Antibody detecting probesAntibody detecting probesAntibody-binding
Bionanocapsule-ZZ (BNC-ZZ)Antibody-binding Bionanocapsule(BNC)
Antibody detecting probeMAD reagentLabeled Antibody-binding BNC, good for antibody detecting probe.
Research ServicesResearch Services

Various Research Services

Protein productionProtein production using E. coli and Yeast. Not only full service but also part service is possible.
ELISA constructionWe construct ELISA with various types
DDS formula productionDDS formula encapsulated siRNA, miRNA and small molecule compound can be produced.
Liposome productionLiposome encapsulated various chemicals or functional liposome by labeling are available.
OthersWe conduct other research services depending on request, such as production of HBsAg not listed in our catalog.
SARS-COV-2 SARS-COV-2 proteins

N proteins

S proteins

Various N and S proteins of SARS-COV-2, good for standard antigen and for constructing ELISA system.
SARS-COV-2 ELISA kitsAnti-SARS-COV-2 protein antibody Quantitative ELISA kithighly sensitive anti-N and S protein antibody kit