Research Services

Research Services


Taking advantages of our over 10 years R&D experiences in protein production, DDS technology, phamacological studies, and imuuno-assys, Beacle conducts various services for research purpose. Beacle’s motto is ” do not imitate other technology, do research by our original way and technology”, and we could do research which cannot be done by other contract reserach laboratories. As our original DDS technology, DDS carrier for various chemicals, nucleotides and protein are also available. Please ask us what we can do for you.

Type of Research Services

We conduct following research services.

1. Protein expression and purification using Yeast and E. coli.
We offer protein production using Yeast and E. coli. Design and construction of vector, transfection, screening and expression verification, protein expression by culture, extraction of protein from cells, protein purification, and evaluation of purified proteins, all the parts needed for protein production is perfomed in our laboratory. You can oder us all of the processes or a part of the process depending on your need. We have good experience to purify menbrane-bound proteins.

2. Nano-sized DDS carriers using Bionanocapsule
Using our original Bionanocapsule (BNC) and BNC-liposome fusion particle, cell-targeting DDS carriers can be produced for research purpose. As the encapsuling substances, chemicals, nucleotides, proteins are possible. BNC can target not only hepatocytes but also other cell types using BNC displaying by antibodies and other proteins in vitro. The delivery of siRNA and miRNA, especially, are highly efficiently introduced to cells.

3. Protein-encapsulated Bionanocapsule as nano-sized DDS formulation
This is a technology to encapsulate desired protein into Bionanocapsule. Using the ability of BNC to introduce its content, the encapsulated protein can be introdued into cells.

4. Liposome-based nano-sized DDS formulation
Various nano-sized liposome DDS carrier are available. Various labeling, increased retention in blood stream, and other functional liposomes can be produced. As the encapsuling substances, chemicals and nucleotides are possible. These carriers can be used not only for medical, but also for cosmetic uses.

5. Parmacological studies
We perform various phamacologoical studies upon your request. With the colaboration with outside institutes, we conduct various pharmacological evaluation using cell based experiments and using experiments using small animals (rats and mouse). As we have a pharmacological specialists, we can perform from the designing the study to publishing the results as your request.

6. Custom construction of ELISA and assay service using ELISA
We perform construction of various types of ELISA and assays by ELISA. Based on our experience on ELISA kit supplyer, we can construct various ELISA systems in accordance to your request. We also provide ELISA assay service.

7. Special service of immuno-assay modification and construction
Using our original multi-antibody detection probes, we perfom modification of existing immuno-assay system, or construction of special immuno-assay systems. The probe can provide higher sensitivity and multi-detection in many assay systems, such as ELISA and Western blot. As an example, we have succeeded to produce multi protein detecting multi-color Western Blot system as seen in above picture. The supply of the multi-antibody detection probes alone are also available. Please contact us to know what we can do for you.

Process of Research Service

Our normal process from inquiry to delivery of products are as follows;

1. Inquiry
From our inquiry form, Please let us know your request. Generally within 3 working day, we will reply you. In most cases, we will ask you to provide additional information to estimate the accurate cost and lead time. If you wish we can also sign secrecy agreements. Regardless the agreement, we will keep customers information.

2. Propose of Quotation
We will email you the quatation which includes the lead time and the process of production.

3. Ordering
If you accept the quotation, please oder us by email or Fax.

4. Reporting
According to your request, we can give you intemadiate reports.

5. Delivery of products
We deliver you the products.

6. Payment
In most cases, a part of total amount is requested to pay before starting.

Pricing of Services

To imagine the pricing range for you, we listed the price in various services. The listed price is general one and may be different from one to another depending on the subjects and detailed contents.

Service nameLead TimePrice
Protein production using yeast or E.coli1 month or over¥300,000 or over
Bionanocapsule DDS carrier for siRNA or miRNA1 month or over¥400,000 or over
Protein-encapsulated Bionanocapsule3 month or over¥1500,000 or over
Liposome DDS carrier for chemicals or nucleotides3 weeks or over¥300,000 or over
Phamacological study using cultured cells1 month or over¥300,000 or over
Construction of antibody-based ELISA3 weeks or over¥200,000 or over
Special immunoassy construction1 months or over¥500,000 or over

Lead time and price are subject to change depending on the required level and content of service


Q: Comparing my budget, too expensive

Please tell us your budget, we may be able to offer alternative way to achieve your purpose.

Q: What kind of pharmacological studies are possible?

We perform various phamacological studies in which changes in cell proliferation, celluar protein, and celluar mRNA are indicator for evaluation.

Q: What is protein-incorporated bionanocapsule ?

It is our original technology in which you can incorporate any proteins your are intersted in into bionanocapsule. By using the ability of bionanocapsule, you can introduce the protein into cells. The detail of this technology can be seen from our techology pages.

Buisiness Performance

We have conducted many Research Services to big Japanese pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, universities, and others.