TMB Solution

TMB Solution

Product outline

TMB Solution is the substrate solution of HRP. Two types of products are available; One reagent type for ready to use and Two reagnet type which needs mix of equal volume of two solutions. Either type produces similar signal intensity to that observed with well-known widely used high end product.

flyer for TMB solutions


Enzyme horse radish peroxidase (HRP) is the most popular enzyme for antibody labeling. HRP cause chromogenic reaction to TMB by the oxidative agent H2O2, which shows blue color at maximal absorption of 370nm and 652nm. By stop solution with H2SO4, the color changes to yellow at maximal absorption of 450nm.

Product feature

1. Good lineality against enzyme volume
2. Equal signal intensity as widely used high signal TMB solution
3. High cost performance
4. Good storage stability (1 year at 4°C)

Product lineup

The variation and price of TMB Solution is listed below.

Product #Product namecontentPrice
BCL-TMB-01TMB solution (1 reagent type)250 mL¥13,000
BCL-TMB-21TMB solution (2 reagent type)250 mL X 2¥17,000
BCL-TMS-01TMB Stop Solution100mL¥9,500


Q: How long can the product be stored

Over 6 months at 4°C.

Experimental examples

Please check the backside of the flyer.

Manual and MSDS

TMB Solution manual MSDS(TMB for both 1 and 2 reagent type)