Western Marker Neo

Western Marker Neo

Product outline

Two types of protein markers, Western Marker Neo and Blue Protein Marker are in sale.
Western Marker Neo is the new generation marker protein for western blot with IgG-binding proteins and blue-stained proteins. With the marker one can visually check the transfer of proteins to membrane, and detect the marker protein by enzyme-labeled antibodies by ECL substrates. Thus, Western Marker Neo is very useful for many researchers. The marker is ready to use for SDS-PAGE.
Blue Protein Marker is blue color-stained protein molecular weight marker. The product is available at reasonal price. Now wider range protein marker is under preparation.

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Western Marker Neo is composed of recombinant IgG-binding proteins. Ten IgG-binding proteins having molecular weight between 20 to 180kDa are all tightly bound to IgGs of most animal species. Membrane-transfered maker proteins along with target proteins after separation by SDS-PAGE, react with primary and enzyme-labeled secondary antibodies, and shows chemiluminescence after substrate addtion. The product also includes five blue-colored protein of molecular weight of 108、69.3、49.8、32.2、16kDa. The dye is covalently bound to the proteins so that one can easily chck the separation of proteins during SDS-PAGE and transfer efficiency. The colored proteins do not interact with IgG-binding proteins.
Blue Protein Marker is composed of 6 bule-colored natural proteins at apparent molecular weight of 108、69.3、49.8、32.2、26、16kDa.

Product feature

Western Marker Neo
1. Both transfer efficiecy and molecular size confirmable
2. Selectable from broad molecular weight proteins
3. Ready-to-use
4. High cost performance

Blue Protein Marker
1. Enough molecular range for ordinary use
2. Ready-to-use
3. High cost performance

Product lineup

Western Marker Neo

Product codeProduct namemolecular weightcontentPrice
BCL-WMN-01Western Marker Neo (low)23~115kDa250 μL¥26,000
BCL-WMN-11Western Marker Neo (high)45~190kDa250 μL¥26,000
BCL-WMN-22Western Marker Neo (wide)23~190kDa250 μL¥31,000

Blue Protein Marker

Product codeProduct namemolecular weightcontentPrice
BCL-BPM-01Blue Protein Marker16~108kDa500 μL¥13,000


Q: How long can the marker be stored?  

For both products, please store at -20°C. At least 1 year is stable.

Q: What is the apply volume for SDS-PAGE?

For Western Marker Neo the apply volume is dependent on the antibody (species of origin and concentration), but the recommended applied volume is between 1 and 5 µL. Too much appy can cause too strong signal and appearance of signal of contaminated or degraded protein bands.
For Blue Protein Marker the recommended apply volume is 2.5 to 5 µL.

Experimental examples

Please check the backside of the flyer.

Manual and MSDS

Manual and MSDS download form here.

Western Marker Neo manual Blue Protein Marker manual

MSDS not prepared since no regulated material is used for these products.