CBB Rapid Stain



Product outline

CBB Rapid Stain is a product that enables protein staining faster and more sensitive than conventional CBB staining. With CBB Rapid Stain,  long  de-staining is not necessary. If you want to stain proteins with high sensitivity in a short time, please try using CBB Rapid Stain. This product consisted of  two solutions.  

flyer (CBB Rapid Stain)


In general, CBB staining requires long time for de-staining due to non-specific staining.  However, in some condition, CBB shows less non-specific staining and therefore enhances protein staining with shorter time.  The product is optimized to enhance protein staining. And you can confirmation protein bands without de-staining. In addition, when de-stained, protein bands can be seen highly clearer than ever before.

Product Feature

1.  Sensitivity up to 30ng within 60 minutes.
2. No need to de-staining process due to the low background.
Detectable up to a few ng by extending staining / de-staining
4. Signals become clearer by extending de-staining.
5. Long storage stability due to two-component design.

Product lineup and price

CBB Rapid Stain has the following product types:

product #product namecontentPrice
BCL-CBR-01CBB rapid stain 500500 mL¥7,500
BCL-CBR-02CBB rapid stain 10001 L¥14,000


Q: How long can the product be stored? 

This product can be used for one year when stored at room temperature. 


Experimental examples

Please check the backside of the flyer. 

Manual and MSDS

Manual and MSDS for CBB Rapid Stain can be downloaded from the following


MSDS in preparation