Auto Western


Product outline

Auto Western is an automatic instrument to conduct antibody reactions of membrane for western blotting. The antibody reaction process normally requires 5 hours, researchers can save labors and handling mistakes by using Auto Western.  In addition, one can accelerate experimental efficiency extremely by using Auto Western during night time.
Two types of  Auto Western is available, one is  Auto Western (STD) with multi-functions, and the other is  Auto Western Mini with simple function. 

(Auto Western STD flyer)        (Auto Western Mini flyer in preparation)


With Auto Western,  manual process for membrane-antibodies reaction  is automated as it is.  It automatically changes solutions  by following order;   blocking, washing (3 times),  primary antibody,  washing (3 times), 2nd antibody, and  the final washing (3 times).  The reactions times can be selected.  Auto Western also utilized shaking system that is popular for most researchers.  The system is designed to minimize the carry over of solutions, so that the sensitivity is comparable with manual process.


1. Automated from blocking to 2nd antibody reactions

2. No special reaction chamber or reagents are required

3. Enhancement of sensitivity and reduction of reaction time possible (for STD)

4. Easy maintenance by Auto wash mechanism

5. Using timer midnight western possible (for STD)

6. High reproducibility

7. Easy operation

8. Can be used as a seesaw type shaker (for Mini)

Product lineup and Price

Product #NamecontentPrice
BCA-AWS-01Auto Western(STD)1¥850,000
BCA-AWM-01Auto Western Mini1¥480,000

Accessories:   manual,  a bottle for auto wash, and standard reaction chamber


Q: Program customize possible?

Yes. Fee-based service.

Q: Multi-reactions using different primary antibodies possible ?

No, you can do so using  multiple systems. Now a multi-channel system is under development.  The system will be released  near future. 

Experimental examples

Experimental example is shown in flyers.


Manual is in preparation.