Easy ELISA Constructor

Easy ELISA Constructor

Product outline

Using our original multi-antibody detection (MAD) system, we developed ELISA Construction Kits which enables us to easily make a highly sensitive antibody detecting ELISA system with quick protocol. The determination of antigen specific antibody binding activity is very important in research field to evaluate antisera and antibodies, and to construct these antibody-using assay systems. We have succeeded to develop Easy ELISA Constructor (ab) for antibody evaluation.

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To determine antigen specific IgG binding activity, we use direct method, where antibody binds to antigen coated plate is detected by MAD reagent.
MAD reagent conbtains IgG-detecting probes. Each probe have 100 antibody binding sites and 50 HRP molecules, which enables us highly senstive detection of bound antibodies. Due to the high sensitivity, we can also make rapid measurement.

Product Features

Easy ELISA Constructor (ab) is a kit to easily construct ELISA system to detect antigen specific antibody binding activity of most IgGs antibody and to determine titer at high sensitivity with rapid protocol.

1. Easily construct ELISA to determine antibody activity, all you need is the antigen
2. Even a beginner can construct ELISA by just follow the attached manual
3. The constructed ELISA provide high sensitivity determination
4. Due to quick (90 min) assay, you need only half a day from the construction to evaluation
5. Pre-coated plate can be stored for later evaluation
6. Attached the positive control serves estimation of the dilution factors and application
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Product lineup

Product #Product nameContentPrice
BLC-EEC-01Easy ELISA Constructor (ab)1kit 192 assays¥85,000
BCL-EEC-M1Easy ELISA Constructor for Mouse (ab)1kit 192 assays¥85,000
BCL-EEC-R1Easy ELISA Constructor for Rat (ab)1kit 192 assays¥85,000

To companies, supply of low-cost version with limited function is available.


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Manual and MSDS

Manual and MSDS download form here

Easy ELISA Constructor manual MSDS(TMB) MSDS(Sulfuric Acid) MSDS(Ethlene Glycol)