Peptides immobilizing kit

Peptides immmobilizing kit

Product outline

Peptide immobilizing kit is used for making pepetide solid phase on normal ELISA plate. In general, peptides are difficult to immobilize on normal ELISA plate. The kit is consisted of reagents to make conjugate and coating buffer, and one can easily form peptide conjugate that can be immobilized on normal plate at high efficiency. The kit contains reagents enough to make conjugate three times of 250µg; of peptide. Five ELISA plates can be coated at 5 µg/mL of pepetide at one time, total 15 plates.

flyer for Peptide Immobilizing kit


Peptide forms conjugate with BSA, and immobilized on normal ELISA plate by using BSA as a foothold. It should be noted that antibody recognizes BSA is not used in this system. As coating buffer carbonate buffer is attached.

Product feature

1. Higher pepetide solid phase than pepetide immobilizing amino ELISA plate (notes)
2. Requires only 90 min for plate coating
3. Economical due to 3 times conjugate formation possible
4. Easy coating due to attached coating buffer

(notes :depends on the type and performance of amino plate)

Product lineup

Peptinde immobilizing kit is provided only one type as listed below.

Product codeProduct namecontentPrice
BCL-PIK-01Peptide immobilizing kit3 trials¥21,000

Q&A and Experimental examples

Q: How long can the product be stored

1 year at 4°C.

Q: What is the best mixing rate for peptide and BSA?

We recommend peptide 1:BSA 1 for the initial trial, but the best mixing rate differ depending on the peptide property.

Experimental examples

Please check the backside of the flyer.

Manual and MSDS

Manual and MSDS download form here.

Peptide Immobilizing kit manual MSDS(Glutaraldehyde) MSDS(Sodium borohydride)