Ponceau-S Staining Solution

Ponceau-S Staining Solution

Product outline

Ponceau-S Staining Solutionis used for visualizing formembrane-transfered protein in western blot. Because, the dye quickly stains proteins and easily and quickly removed form the protein, it is useful to confrim thetransfer efficiency and the position of target proteins in the membrane. Furhtermore, because the dye does not affect the reactivity to antibodies after removal, it is highly useful for western blot.

flyer for Ponceau-S solution


Ponceau-S is the negatively charged dye with molecular weight of about 760.5. The dy reversiblly binds to protein through mainly positively charged amino groups.

Product feature

1. Ready-to-use
2. Staining and dye removal can be done in minutes
3. After dye removal no effect on antibody reaction
4. Economical due to 500 mL supply
5. Easy to use due to detailed Instruction attached
6. Long storage possible

Product lineup

Ponceau-S Solution is provided only one type as listed below.

Product codeProduct namecontentPrice
BCL-PSS-01Ponceau-S Staining Solution500 mL¥4,500


Q: How long can the product be stored

1 year at room temparature.

Experimental examples

Please check the backside of the flyer.

Manual and MSDS

Manual and MSDS download form here

Ponceau-S solution manual MSDS(Acetic acid)