Product Outline

Easy-WESTERN-II (EZW) is the primary antibody-detecting reagent designed for Western Blotting. We can now detect primary antibodies without using 2nd antibody, and also gets many advantages, such as high sensitivity and quick detections, which you have never experienced. The product is now two types;
●Easy-WESTERN-II Super is designed for High sensitivity detection
●Easy-WESTERN-II Quick is designed for Quick detection
Easy-WESTERN-II Super and Easy-WESTERN-II Quick is the same product except that each working manual is written to optimize the product properties.

These products are obtained directly from us or from our distributors, B-Bridge International (US and Europe, CA) or Cosmo-Bio(worldwide, JP).

flyer (Quick & Super)


Easy-WESTERN-II is developed basing on our original MAD (multi-purpose antibody detecting) technology. The main componet of MAD is protein particles which have ability to bind Fc region of antibodies. Each particle has c.a. 100 Fc-binding proteins and labeled with HRP of c.a. 50 molecules. Thus Easy-WESTERN-II provides detection of priamry antibodies without using secondary antibodies with higher sensitivity and quick detections. The product also provide simultaneous detection, signal enhancemnet by re-probing and others.

Product Characteristics

1. No secondary antibody required
Most primary antibody can be detected by Easy-Western-.

2. enables low antigen detection and saves 1st antibody use
You can experience the higher sensitivity to antigen as well as to primary antibodies.

3. Save time by One-Step detection
By using pre-mixed solution of primary antibody with MAD reagent, you can detect antigens by an one-step procedure.

4. Signal enhancement possible
The weak signal detected by secondary antibody method can be enhanced by re-probing or by additon with Easy-WESTERN.

5. Multi antigen detection possible
By using multiple primary antibodies each specific to an antigen, multiple antigen detection is possible by a single procedure with Easy-WESTERN.

6. Easy to use
Just exchange your secondary antibody with Easy-Western.

1) The performance differ depending on the antigen and primary antibody used. 2) MAD reagent itself cannot react well with mouse IgG1 and goat IgG. But using the mouse IgG enhancer, the performance of Easy-WESTERN can be very much enhanced for mouse IgGs. 3) The description of working manual differ between Easy-WESTERN Super and Easy-WESTERN Quick. Please choose appropriate one before oprdering.

Product lineup and Price

The product lineup and prices are shown below.

Easy-WESTERN-II Super (for high sensitivity detection and signal enhancement)

Product #Product nameComponentPrice
BCL-EZS21Easy-WESTERN-II Super basicMAD reagent, dilution buffer, manual-S, for 50 tests¥32,000
BCL-EZS22Easy-WESTERN-II Super marker detector setbasic + marker detector, for 50 tests¥35,000
BCL-EZS24Easy-WESTERN-II Super mouse IgG enhancer setbasic + mouse IgG enhancer, for 50 tests¥35,000
BCL-EZS23Easy-WESTERN-II Super full setbasic + marker detector + mouse IgG enhancer, for 50 tests¥37,000

Easy-WESTERN-II Quick (for one-step quick detection, multi-antegen simultaneous detection)

Product #Product nameComponentPrice
BCL-EZQ21Easy-WESTERN-II Quick basicMAD reagent, dilution buffer, manual-Q, for 50 tests¥32,000
BCL-EZQ22Easy-WESTERN-II Quick marker detector setbasic + marker detector, for 50 tests¥35,000
BCL-EZQ24Easy-WESTERN-II Quick mouse IgG enhancer setbasic + mouse IgG enhancer, for 50 tests¥35,000
BCL-EZQ23Easy-WESTERN-II Quick full setbasic + marker detector + mouse IgG enhancer, for 50 tests¥37,000

1) “Marker detector” is used for using markers (such as MagicMark) detected by secondary antibody.
2) “Mouse IgG enhancer” is used to enhance signals when Mouse IgGs are used for primary antibody. In the case of IgG1 subclass “Mouse IgG enhancer” is essential.
3) The description of attached working manual is not the same between Easy-WESTERN-II super and Easy-WESTERN-II Quick. You can download manuals from the section below.

Related products

Each components of Easy-WESTERN kit and related products are available.

BCL-EZM01Marker detector50μL¥4,000
BCL-EZE-01mouse IgG enhancer250μL¥4,000
BCL-EZB01Dilution buffer (20 x conc.)50mL¥4,000
BCL-125ASignal Booster Solution A250mL¥10,500

Signal booster(BCL-125A)is used to enhance the reaction of primary antibody and antigen.


Q: How long does the product can be used?

The MAD reagent when stored at -20 ℃、other reagents when stored at 4℃, you can use the product for 1 year.

Q: MAD reagent can be diluted by other buffers than the provided one ?

No, you have to use the provided dilution buffer which is specially designed for MAD reagent.

Q: What antibodies, other than mouse IgG1 and Goat IgG, MAD reagent can not react well?

Human IgG3 is not well recognized by MAD reagent. For mouse IgG1, however, mouse IgG enhancer covers the less sensitivity.

Experimantal examples

Experimental examples using Easy-WESTERN are seen in the backside of each flyers.

Manuals and MSDS

MSDS and working manuals for Easy-WESTERN download here

manual-Super manual-Quick MSDS(Ethlene Glycol)